QB64 PE (Phoenix Edition)

Modern Cross-Platform BASIC compatible with QBasic and QuickBASIC 4.5

…or get the latest from and build it yourself!

QB64 PE is a modern extended BASIC programming language with embedded OpenGL support that retains QuickBASIC 4.5 and QBasic compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows (Vista and up), Linux, and macOS.

Build using a Retro IDE extended with helpful tools and utilities or any text editor, or both!

Includes a built-in IDE created in the spirit of the original MS-DOS version featuring:

  • Realtime Input Error Checking
  • Online and Offline Help System
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Automatic Source Formatting
  • Powerful Debugging Facilities
  • Custom color themes
  • ASCII Character Table
  • Math Evaluator
  • Key Code Inserter
  • ...and much more!
You can also take QB64 PE into the future using other modern editors like Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, etc. Even better, combine and use both the built-in IDE and your editor of choice for even more flexibility!
QB64 PE IDE with QBasic Original Theme
Debugger with watches at breakpoint
Debugger with watches at breakpoint
IDE Color Editor
IDE Color Editor
IDE Compiler Settings
IDE Compiler Settings
Visual Studio Code with QB64 Extension
Visual Studio Code with QB64 Extension and Custom Theme
Notepad++ with Customization by RhoSigma
Notepad++ with Custom Integration by RhoSigma